1st Annual TSSN Football Awards

Since football season is over in the Sequachee Valley, today marks the first annual TSSN The Valley football awards. We are giving awards to 3 people from each of the following positions: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Linebacker, and Defensive Back.

The defensive line and offensive line awards will be awarded to four lineman from each position. Also, we have three best athletes of the valley, and one MVP award to the standout of the valley. Now it’s time to announce the award winners *drum roll please*

Quarterback- Warner Ashworth, Brayden Sanders, and Collin Hudson

Running Back- Josh Wingo, Ronto Tipton, and Garrett Raulston

Wide Receiver- Tanner Stewart, Jaylyn Hubbard, and Evan Nunley

Offensive Lineman- Grayson Lawson, Cooper Stewart, Brayden Condra, and Blair Johnson

Defensive Lineman- Jabron Hale, Jace Kilgore, Blaine Pittman, and Landon Easterly

Defensive Backs- Colby Rogers, Jaren Thames, and Jacob Roberts

Linebackers- Thundur Roberts, Garrett Raulston, and Josh Wingo

Athletes- Hudson Petty, Collin Hudson, and Tony Sampson

MVP- Hudson Petty

*Each winner will receive a trophy!