Although only one team made a deep run for the State Title, several area player still put up some hoops and statistics in a season that was thrilling down to the end.  With countless overtime and down-to-the-last-second thrillers, the 2016-2017 season is one for the history books.

From the surviving Indians to the dominant Eagles to the fighting Warriors, this season was action-packed and extremely competitive.  Below are the players and coaches that made that kind of season possible.  Players were awarded for their performance over the entire season.

First Team All-Valley

Guard–Caden Mills (Junior, Van Buren County)

Guard–Riley Melonson (Junior, Bledsoe County)

Forward–Bo Walker (Junior, Van Buren County)

Forward–Noah Bartley (Senior, Sequatchie County)

Center–Jared Binkley (Junior, Van Buren County)

Second Team All-Valley

Guard–Jarrett Lynn (Junior, Sequatchie County)

Guard– Austin Miller (Junior, Van Buren County)

Guard–Tanner French (Junior, Sequatchie County)

Forward–Trail Hyatte (Senior, Bledsoe County)

Forward–Jacob Crain (Junior, Van Buren County)

Center–Cole Angel (Senior, Bledsoe County)

Third Team All-Valley

Guard–Dawson Frechette (Junior, Bledsoe County)

Guard–Kane Hale (Junior, Marion County)

Forward–Joey VanValkenburg (Senior, Bledsoe County)

Forward–Jace Williamson (Junior, Marion County)

Forward–Braden Lawson (Senior, Sequatchie County)

Center–Barrett Lawson (Senior, Sequatchie County)

Center–Ty Heifner (Senior, Marion County)

First Team All-Underclassmen

Tyler Patrick (Sophomore, Grundy County)

Hunter Evans (Sophomore, Van Buren County)

Wally Schmidt (Sophomore, Bledsoe County)

Kollyn Cooper (Sophomore, Grundy County)

Isaiah Sampson (Sophomore, Marion County)

Nicq Ivory (Sophomore, Marion County)

Logan Young (Sophomore, Van Buren County)

Individual Awards

Coach of the Year–Dustin Sullivan (Van Buren)

Runner Up–Lucas Nunley (Bledsoe)

Player of the Year–Caden Mills (Van Buren)

1st Runner Up–Noah Bartley (Sequatchie)

2nd Runner Up–Riley Meloncon (Bledsoe)

Sharpshooter of the Year–Jarrett Lynn (Sequatchie)

1st Runner Up–Bo Walker (Van Buren)

2nd Runner Up–Tanner French (Sequatchie)

Board-Crasher of the Year–Jared Binkley (Van Buren)

1st Runner Up–Cole Angel (Bledsoe)

2nd Runner-Up–Noah Bartley (Sequatchie)

Breakthrough Player of the Year–Trail Hyatte  (Bledsoe)

1st Runner Up–Jarrett Lynn (Sequatchie)

2nd Runner Up–Austin Miller (Van Buren)

Game of the Year–Van Buren County at Bledsoe County, 59-58 [BC]

1st Runner Up–Sequatchie County at Marion County, 62-61 [SC]

2nd Runner Up–Grundy County at Sequatchie County, 53-52 (OT) [GC]

Contact Chandler Morrison at and follow him on Twitter@RCS_Chandler!


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