As another girls’ basketball season comes to an end with the sweep of District 6A powers Marion County and Van Buren County in the sectionals, one can look back on the season and see a marvelous year for girls’ hoops in the Valley.

From the 10-game streak of Bledsoe County, who fought heroically against No. 2 Upperman, to the tales of lore created by the Warriors and Eaglette Substate runs, 2017 has been a magical year for a region known more for its football.  Below are the players that have made this season one for the books and one to remember in the years to come.

Our All-Valley team consists of players who have performed tremendously this past season.  Listed below are full teams, an All-Freshman squad, and several individual awards for players and coaches in the region.

First Team All-Valley

Guard–Tilly Dodson (Senior, Van Buren County)

Guard–Breanna Vinson (Junior, Marion County)

Forward–Hannah Phillips (Senior, Marion County)

Center–Lynnsey Keener (Junior, Bledsoe County)

Center–Emily Webb (Senior, Marion County)

Second Team All-Valley

Guard–Ashton McGrew (Junior, Marion County)

Guard–Mallory Christian (Junior, Van Buren County)

Forward–Carley Davis (Sophomore, Bledsoe County)

Forward–Kinzie Johnson (Sophomore, Van Buren County)

Center–Ireland Burch (Senior, Sequatchie County)

Third Team All-Valley

Guard–Jordan Smith (Senior, Sequatchie County)

Guard–Halee Wagner (Sophomore, Bledsoe County)

Forward–Lacy Nunley (Junior, Grundy County)

Forward–Riley Hicks (Junior, Whitwell)

Center–Jenifer Tholken (Senior, Sequatchie County)

First Team All-Underclassmen

Guard–Chloe Barger (Sophomore, Sequatchie County)

Guard–Brittany Singleton (Sophomore, Bledsoe County)

Guard–Halee Wagner (Sophomore, Bledsoe County)

Guard–Hannah Sullivan (Sophomore, Van Buren County)

Forward–Trinity Brown (Freshman, Bledsoe County)

Forward–Kinzie Johnson (Sophomore, Van Buren County)

Center–Anna Smith (Sophomore, Marion County)

Individual Awards

Coach of the Year–Randy Ellis (Marion)

Runner Up–Carlos Davis (Bledsoe)

Player of the Year–Tilly Dodson (Van Buren)

1st Runner Up–Emily Webb (Marion)

2nd Runner Up–Breanna Vinson (Marion)

Sharpshooter of the Year–Breanna Vinson (Marion)

1st Runner Up–Mallory Christian (Van Buren)

2nd Runner Up–Ashton McGrew (Marion)

Board-Crasher of the Year–Lynnsey Keener (Bledsoe)

1st Runner Up–Ireland Burch (Sequatchie)

2nd Runner-Up–Emily Webb (Marion)

Breakthrough Player of the Year–Breanna Vinson  (Marion)

1st Runner Up–Kinzie Johnson (Van Buren)

2nd Runner Up–Jordan Smith (Sequatchie)

Game of the Year–Van Buren County at Marion County, 50-47 [MC](Region 3-A ‘Ship)

1st Runner Up–Bledsoe County at Signal Mountain, 49-47 (OT) [BC]

2nd Runner Up–Whitwell vs. South Pittsburg, 60-57 [Whitwell] (District 6-A Qtrs.)

Contact Chandler Morrison at and follow him on Twitter@RCS_Chandler!


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