FULL PREVIEW: Marion Welcomes Watertown to the Raging Inferno

The Highly-Ranked Clash of Purple

As Watertown travels down to Jasper Friday, they come as a well-needed test for the Warriors who haven’t faced an AP-ranked team since midway through the season.

The Warriors are now used to cruising through the early rounds before being tested in the quarterfinals or semifinals, and though Watertown seems a tad bit overrated with Forrest’s close game with Tyner, the Purple Tigers will have the talent to give the Warriors all they bargained for.

And as No. 2 and No. 4 tango in Jasper, it’s hard not to expect a Marion-Meigs next week, but don’t let the final buzzer sound just yet.


Watertown at Marion County

Bill Baxter Stadium, Jasper, Tennessee

Kickoff Time:  7:00 PM CT/8:00 PM ET


No Known Matchups Between Two Programs Known



DISCLAIMER:  These are not actual spreads or odds, and cannot be used in kind of sports betting context.

The Spread:  Watertown (+13.5) at Marion County

Odds to Win:  Watertown 5 to 1; Marion County 6 to 5

Over/Under (Total Points):  (45.5 Points)

Breaking Down the Bets:  ‘The Spread’ is based on who is favored in the matchup and by how many points.  ‘Odds to Win’ are the odds for a certain team to win that game and is not related to the odds of ‘The Spread.’  The ‘Over/Under’ is how many points both teams are expected to combine for, unrelated to ‘The Spread’ or “Odds to Win.’  These betting lines are simply to display what Vegas would perceive the matchup at and cannot be used in any sports betting enterprise.


Marion County Will Attempt to Stretch Home Win Streak to 23

No Matchups Are Known Between the Two Teams

Both Teams Ranked Top-Four in the Final 2A Poll

One Common Opponent This Season:  Grundy County


Film Room:  The Purple Tigers run variations of shotgun formations.  Sets can vary from the lone quarterback to three other backs in the backfield.  Senior quarterback Seth Price has something not a lot of quarterbacks have:  pocket presence.  He can easily feel his was around the pocket, get out, and still make a long pass.  With two big targets on the outside in Elijah Maklary and Heath Price, the secondary for the Warriors will be tested thoroughly.  When needed, they can rush down the middle or outside the tackles with senior tailback Ty Love.  The Warriors should be able to handle the offensive attack pretty well, but don’t expect a goose egg for the visiting Purple Tigers.

The Warriors have their Wing-T offense running on all cylinders as they get ready to take on the 4th-ranked Tigers.  More balanced than ever as they continue to dominate the region, Marion County leaves no doubt that they’re destination is Cookeville.  Plain and Simple.  Dominating defenses, that many say were overrated, is an accomplishment in itself, but doing it every game is an accomplishment in itself.  With Jacob Saylors and Hunter McClain giving Sophomore quarterback Isaiah Sampson all the help he can handle, Watertown is in for a fight amongst the fires surrounding the lower Sequatchie Valley.




Seth Price vs. the Warrior Secondary

Price has been great downfield this season with Elijah Maklary and Heath Price keeping his lanes open.  The Warriors defense, though, has some key players sure to slow down the passing attack of the Tigers.  The big tale of the tape for this game rests on the shoulders of the Warrior secondary as both teams can run the ball rather well.

Warrior Backfield vs. the Purple Tiger Linebacker Corps

It wouldn’t be a Valley matchup preview without the customary halfback-linebacker duo being brought up.  Hunter McClain, Hunter Zeman, and company will need to establish the run game early to deter the Purple Tigers from getting momentum.  The Linebacker Corps for the Tigers has been stellar, but they’ve not faced an defense like Marion County’s this season.


Watertown Purple Tigers:  Seth Price (Senior Quarterback/Defensive back), Ty Love (Senior Halfback/Defensive End), Josh Tate (Junior Defensive End), Heath Price (Sophomore Wide Receiver/Safety), Elijah Maklary (Sophomore Wide Receiver/Defensive Back), Vonte Bates (Senior Wide Receiver/Cornerback)

Marion County Warriors:  Hunter McClain (Senior Linebacker/Running Back), Alex Kirkendoll (Senior Tight End/Linebacker), Eli Morrison (Senior Offensive Lineman), Jacob Saylors (Junior Running Back/Defensive Back), and Kane Hale (Junior Wide Receiver/Free Safety)

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