SATURDAY SHAKEDOWN: Sweeping History in All Three Marion Programs

Tigers Line Too Hot For Summertown

Whitwell 23, Summertown 8

The Tigers took down the Eagles Friday night as they advanced to the second round for the second year in a row.  Last season, the Tigers bested Moore County in a mud bath, but this season, they clinged to defense in order to stop Summertown from heating up.  The battle in the trenches determined this one as Whitwell advances to play Columbia Academy for the fourth time in four years.  The Tigers played pretty well against the Bulldogs in their regular season matchup (21-0), but things get crazy past the first round.

Warriors Send Eagles Flying Back to Westmoreland

Marion County 42, Westmoreland 0

Westmoreland dropped into Jasper for the second time in as many seasons Friday night without so much as a point scored.  The Warrior machine ran on all cylinders as the Warriors get warmed up for their second round destiny with Watertown in an AP Top-Five battle.  With the help of Mr. Football semifinalists Hunter McClain and Alex Kirkendoll, who couldn’t could keep the engine at full horsepower 24/7?  The Warriors are not out to play games.  They want to win in Cookeville, so expect nothing less than perfect throughout the playoffs.  And did we mention the current 22-game home streak the Warriors have accumulated?

Pirates Put Bulldogs in the ‘Corner’

South Pittsburg 62, Cornersville 12

South Pittsburg kept the regular season momentum going as they hold the second-longest winning streak in the Valley.  The Pirates took down Cornersville 62-12 as they kept innovating their offensive scheme, readying for teams like Columbia Academy and Greenback later in the playoffs.  The Pirates will host Fayetteville in round two as the slate of teams is cut in half.  The Pirates continue their streak of making the second round for the tenth year in a row.  Pretty impressive when you include the two-year hiatus from Vic Grider in the middle of that.

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