Sequatchie Continues Dominance, Grundy Caves in ‘Daus Mountain Battle’

**PHOTO: Eileen Carter/Making Memories Photography**

DUNLAP, Tenn.–Only two years ago, the Yellow Jackets overcame all odds to take the overtime victory out in Coalmont.

That, though, was a long time ago.  Neither head coach was with their current team.  The stars for both squads have long since moved on from their glory days.  They’re in a brand new region with completely different challenges.  Even the uniforms they dawn are unusually modernized for two rural schools removed from the lights of nearby Chattanooga.

In fact, that overtime victory may have been the turning point for an Indian team that was tired of being average and a Yellow Jacket squad repulsed by consistent middle-of-the-road success.  And as the temperatures begin to drop, one could say Frost now speaks to us in a traditional Valley past time.

“Two Roads Diverged in a Daus Mountain Wood…”

Ok, maybe it’s a little bit paraphrased, but two years can make a lot of difference:  barely surviving to late postseason contender.

“After the first play when we fumbled the football, pretty much everything was clicking,” Indians head coach Adam Caine said.  “I don’t know that I’ve been as nervous for any game because of the offense they run and James McDaniel and Jacob Wingo are really good running backs, I thought.   We worked extensively this week on trying to stop the veer.”

Although the Jackets are used to running the ball and surprising people with the option, most of the first quarter was spent rifling the rosk through the air.

“I didn’t expect them to pass as much as they did,” Caine said.  “I know people think they can throw it on us, but I was surprised they didn’t try to run the football more.”

Starting out, Hunter Davenport ran for a three-yard score about halfway through the first to put the Indians up 6-0 after the missed extra point.  Just three minutes later, Davenport would dip in again, this time for a 45-yard sprint to the end zone.

Later in the second, Austin Stevens found himself with a touchdown after an 8-yard rush seven seconds into the 2nd quarter.  And it would be Stevens, again, strutting across the goal line with a 4-yard push about halfway through the 2nd.  Junior signal caller Ethan Barker took matters into his own hands with just over two minutes left, cruising in for a 20-yard gainer after a convincing give to the running back.

The Indians took a 42-point lead into the locker room shutting out the Yellow Jackets for an entire half.  They were the first region opponent to do so.  Later in the 3rd Adrian Jackson scored on a 41-yard rush putting the margin at 49 points as the Indians cruised to a nice finish with a lot of playing time for 2nd- and 3rd-string players.

“[Grundy County] gave us a little bit of a different front than what we thought,” Caine said.  “We adjusted and ran a lot of our buck-sweep  game tonight, and our defense really stepped up tonight.  That really helps a lot.”

The Indians take on Upperman next week in Baxter as the Yellow Jackets try to end with a positive against Smith County who will take the fourth spot in the postseason after Grundy County’s loss.  The Indians take the top seed in the region while Grundy County is left without a playoff game for the second season in a row.

Still, the Yellow Jacket train has plenty of chances to make their wrongs right, and with the direction Casey Tate has his team going, it won’t be long before the men of Coalmont pull off the old record reversal themselves.


GCHS — 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 || 0

SCHS — 16 | 21 | 7 | 6 || 49

Scoring Summary:

1st (5:06) Hunter Davenport, 3-yard Rush [Martinez Kick No Good]–Sequatchie County 6, Grundy County 0

1st (2:44) Hunter Davenport, 45-YArd Rush [Martinez Kick Good]–Sequatchie County 13, Grundy County 0

2nd (11:53) Austin Stevens, 8-Yard Rush [Martinez Kick Goo]–Sequatchie County 20, Grundy County 0

2nd (11:09) Austin Stevens, 67-Yard Rush [Martinez Kick Good]–Sequatchie County 27, Grundy County 0

2nd (6:30) Austin Stevens, 4-Yard Rush [Martinez Kick Good]—Sequatchie County 35, Grundy County 0

2nd (2:13) Ethan Barker, 20-Yard Rush [Martinez Kick Good]—Sequatchie County 42, Grundy County 0

3rd (5:32) Adrian Jackson, 41-Yard Rush [Martinez Kick Good]–Sequatchie County 49, Grundy County 0


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3 thoughts on “Sequatchie Continues Dominance, Grundy Caves in ‘Daus Mountain Battle’

  1. Hey Chandler if you are going to cover sequatchie county football at least watch the game! The 45 yard rush hunter had was actually a pass from Ethan barker. I’ve noticed you seem to want to slight him every chance you get!


    1. I’m sorry you feel that way, but I actually have to produced the radio stream from the studio, so sometimes I miss a few things. I never try to ‘slight’ a player and have tremendous respect for them, especially for Sequatchie County’s team. Please don’t take my mistakes and short fallings and think I have an agenda towards any particular player. I try to cover what I can in the Valley, but I’m simply a one-man operation with help from time to time. I hope that you can understand my position and that I would never try to do that to any particular player.


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