Indians May Have a Shot at Cookeville

After the Indians’ defeat of Grundy County and, more importantly, Alcoa’s lackluster performance against Red Bank Thursday night (28-0), The Indians outlook just got a whole lot brighter.  Red Bank, Howard and Notre Dame are from cupcakes or scheduled wins, though–as is Upperman.  So the Indians will still have an uphill battle through Chattanooga then to Alcoa, but if the Chattanooga area seems far below the Indian headress, then they might just have a chance at Alcoa.  They still have to face a West Tennessee opponent after that, which could be as challenging at a neutral site.

South Pittsburg Ready for Playoff Run With or Without Cade Kennemore

The loss of Cade kennemore before the Whitwell game may have given the Tigers some extra confidence against their tested 3-1A foe, but Boyd-Buchanan didn’t know the difference between a game with or without star wide receiver Cade Kennemore.  The Pirates just amassed 54 receiving yards Friday night, but they did crank out the yards on the ground with 253 total, stretch across five double-digit yard earners.  The Pirates will have an easier road to the semifinals with Columbia Academy playing closer than expected against Whitwell, but they’re a long time removed from a Title appearance, so it’s like they’re almost a new program in the mix.  That’s even if you don’t mix in Kennemore.  

Common Opponents Give Tons of Insight

Unless you’re ranking the top ten teams in the state, I highly suggest you stay away from common opponents, especially outside of the first level of opponent (a.k.a. an opponent you’ve both played and not an opponent of an opponent of an opponent).  But Friday night gave ups two matchups very telling of the Valley’s postseason future.  Alcoa’s sputter against Red Bank could signal that they’re not as intimidating as they’re made out to  be while Columbia Academy’s slow victory over Whitwell could give way to the possibility of another Pirates Tiger rematch.  Even so, the playoffs are never the same as regular season bouts, so don’t expect anything of the like.

Grundy’s Tate Far From Hot Seat

After what looks to be back-to-back one-win seasons, some programs might can their head coach.  In Grundy County, their a little bit behind the times, which in this case is very good for head coach Casey Tate who will need a few years to fully implement his system and schemes.  The journey to success will likely be as long as Tate’s coaching journey which hit several snags between 20o0 when he started coaching the local middle school team and 2015 when he was hired as the high school coach.  And though some may think he’s in a no-win situation, Tate has proven himself to compete with Region elite if only he had the depth to pull out a victory or two more.

Bledsoe County a Victim of Its Super-Colossal Region

The Warriors made the playoffs in 2015, but this season was not kindd to them, losing two key running backs and host of great seniors while adjusting to a region that cranks out powerhouses like clockwork.  In a region like 3-2A, a workhorse of a running back and an above average quarterback just won’t get you to the next level, even with great line play.  There’s a reason head coach Josh Owensby’s motto is ‘Make the Playoffs,’ and it’s simply because the road to one postseason game in that region is one of the more difficult things to do in football.  Still, Owensby has laid down a great base at a school crazy about its athletic programs, and when football is building itself up, the rest will surely follow if they haven’t already.

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