REGION 3-2A PLAYOFF PICTURE: Seeds, Scenarios, Probable Brackets, and Analysis

As the season comes to a close, it’s time to take a look at what the postseason has to offer and the possibilities that could ensue!


1.  Marion County (8-1, 6-0) [Left to Play: Polk County]

2.  Meigs County (7-1, 4-1) [Left to Play:  Polk County, Bledsoe County]

3.  Boyd-Buchanan (6-2, 4-2) [Left to Play: Silverdale]

4.  Silverdale (6-2, 3-2) [Left to Play: Tyner Academy, Boyd-Buchanan]

————————————- Playoff Cut-Off ————————————-

5.  Tyner Academy (2-6, 2-3) [Left to Play: Silverdale, Brainerd]

6.  Bledsoe County (2-6, 1-4) [Left to Play: Brainerd, Meigs County]

7.  Polk County (3-5, 1-4) [Left to Play: Meigs County, Marion County]

8.  Brainerd (0-8, 0-5) [Left to Play: Bledsoe County, Tyner Academy]


Marion County (8-1, 6-0)

With win against Polk County
No.1 Region Seed

With loss against Polk County (with Meigs win vs. Polk AND Bledsoe)
No. 2 Region Seed

With loss against Polk County (with Meigs loss vs. Polk OR Bledsoe)
No. 1 Region Seed

With loss against Polk County (with Meigs loss vs. Polk AND Bledsoe)
No. 1 Region Seed


Bledsoe County (2-6, 1-4)

With win against Brainerd and Meigs County (with Brainerd win vs. Tyner AND Silverdale win vs. Tyner)
No. 5 Region Seed [Not Playoff Eligible]

With win against Brainerd and Meigs County  (With Tyner win vs. Silverdale and Silverdale loss vs Boyd-Buchanan)
No. 6 Region Seed [Not Playoff Eligible]

With loss against Brainerd and Meigs County (with Polk loss vs. Marion AND Meigs)
No. 6 Region Seed [Not Playoff Eligible]

With loss against Brainerd and Meigs County (with Polk win vs. Marion AND Meigs)
No. 7 Region Seed [Not Playoff Eligible]

**Silverdale and Tyner hold tiebreakers over Bledsoe County**





Marion County

The Warriors have effectively locked up a Bill Baxter playoff game, but if they fall to Polk County and Meigs County wins its remaining games, they’ll have the No. 2 seeds.  It won’t affect their Road to Cookeville if they are a No. 2 seed, though, as they made it last season after falling to Boyd-Buchanan mid-season.  Polk County has only one win in region play this season against winless Brainerd.  So, it’s a virtual lock for the No. 1 seed, if you consider Polk County a non-threat in the season finale.

Bledsoe County

As much as it pains a man who thought of the Warriors as a dark horse threat in the preseason, the Warriors will go without a playoff berth due to some early season flaws in Silverdale and a nail in the coffin at Tyner Academy.  Both teams of those opponents play each other, and one will take the fourth seed regardless of Bledsoe County’s efforts.  The Warriors will miss this season, but it was as a close as it gets in region pay this season, falling by less than a score against both Silverdale and Tyner Academy.

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4 thoughts on “REGION 3-2A PLAYOFF PICTURE: Seeds, Scenarios, Probable Brackets, and Analysis

  1. I think you are incorrect if Marion County has one region loss and Meigs County are tied with Marion, Marion wins the head-to-head they have locked up the region number one seed regardless of the outcome against Polk Count


  2. I apprecaite both of you taking time to comment on these articles. I was wrong about the Meigs being able to gain a No. 1 Seed. I apologize, and I do know that is not how the playoff bracket will look. I knew that before I wrote the article. I felt it would better illustrate 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 matchups and show how the other region was seeded. I thank you for commenting on these articles as I take a great amount of time in writing these. Just know that I am human and do make mistakes. I spent at least 2 hours each researching all the scenarios in all three Regions. I try to give loyal fans the extensive coverage they crave and that other media outlets have been unable to give you on a consistent basis. Just remember other publications may have 10 or more writers on staff. I am the only full-time writer with just two part-time writers. No making excuses, but I hope you understand where I’m coming from.


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