GAME OF THE WEEK: Rivalry of the ‘Ship-men

For a battle that used to have big-time coverage and big-time playoff implications, this rivalry has become less a decider and more an entertainer.  Much like the Marion County-South Pittsburg rivalry, there is no real value to picking up a win or loss on the road to Cookeville, but that gives no less reason to give it all you’ve got on the field.

The Pirates need this win to continue their one-loss season and quest for a 9-game winning streak going into the playoffs.  The Buccaneers, on the other hand, need a major credit boost after losing to both Marion County and Meigs County in region play.  After beating a team like South Pittsburg, they may have an intimidation factor, at least for the first round of the playoffs.

This game is set to make some noise for both sides, but either way, the road to Cookeville is neither smoother nor more rough than it was prior.


Boyd-Buchanan Buccaneers at South Pittsburg Pirates

Beene Stadium, South Pittsburg, Tennessee

Kickoff Time:  7:30 PM CT/8:30 PM ET


All Time Series Record:  South Pittsburg, 16-10 (Since 1977)

Buccaneers 28, Pirates 12; October 23, 2015

Buccaneers 28, Pirates 22; October 10, 2014

Pirates 47, Buccaneers 19; October 11, 2013

Buccaneers 35, Pirates 21; October 12, 2012

Pirates 26, Buccaneers 10; October 14, 2011

Pirates 41, Buccaneers 6; October 8, 2010

Buccaneers 20, Pirates 12; October 9, 2009

Pirates 7, Buccaneers 6, October 10, 2008

Pirates 47, Buccaneers 7; October 12, 2007

Pirates 19, Buccaneers 14; August 25, 2006


DISCLAIMER:  These are not actual spreads or odds, and cannot be used in kind of sports betting context.

The Spread:  Boyd-Buchanan (+7.5) at South Pittsburg

Odds to Win:  South Pittsburg 3 to 1; Boyd-Buchanan 6 to 1

Over/Under (Total Points):  (43 Points)

Breaking Down the Bets:  ‘The Spread’ is based on who is favored in the matchup and by how many points.  ‘Odds to Win’ are the odds for a certain team to win that game and is not related to the odds of ‘The Spread.’  The ‘Over/Under’ is how many points both teams are expected to combine for, unrelated to ‘The Spread’ or “Odds to Win.’  These betting lines are simply to display what Vegas would perceive the matchup at and cannot be used in any sports betting enterprise.


South Pittsburg will be looking to end a two-game losing streak to the Buccaneers

South Pittsburg moves to No. 4 in Class 1A

Both Squads have combined for 15 State Title Appearances and 6 Championships

Boyd-Buchanan will look to end South Pittsburg’s 8-game home winning streak, dating back to Week One of 2015.


The Buccaneers lead toward more of a pro-style offense after being more spread out in previous years.  They mostly run the system out of ace formations with a tendency to pull options out of their sleeves from time to time, especially on short yardage.  The offensive line is also a strength of this team pushing forward for a lot in-the-trenches rushing.  Look to senior tailback Jeremy Borders along with senior quarterback Ross Wortman to lead this team in a schematic fashion, with their name being called on a lot of big plays.  The more basic schemes, could allow for a lot of trick plays and out-kilter runs toward the Pirates defense.

The Pirates will be difficult to stop with speed and an outside run game backed by the infamous Wing-T.  Although there was an excellent passing game from Hogan Holland to Cade Kennemore this season, other Pirates have emerged in Kennemore’s injury that is expected to last through the regular season. Balance is the name of the game, so the Pirates have a better than average chance winning against the Buccaneers.  With their close game against the Warriors, they should have little trouble with Boyd-Buchanan, but then again, the schematics are completely different than a also-Wing-T Warriors squad.  This one could be a lot closer than the Region 3-1A games they’ve fielded this season, so schematically, at least, they’ll have a tougher test with better athletes and more complex schemes.




Ross Wortman vs. the South Pittsburg Secondary

Wortman has made crucial plays in past weeks, but if the Buccaneers are to have success, they’ll need an accurate and bold signal-caller under center.  Though they’ve won that last two matchups, this is a completely different Pirate squad.  The Buccaneers will need to get the passing game rolling, especially early to build confidence against a team known to break that.

Pirate Wide Receiving Corps vs. Boyd-Buchanan Secondary

It’s obvious that this game will be decided through the air.  That being said, the task of airing it out will not necessarily be on the shoulders of Hogan Holland, who has proven himself thus far, but on the various receivers taking the place of Cade Kennemore.  If they step up in this game, that will only speak to what this team can be when he’ll probably return in the postseason.


Boyd-Buchanan:  Jeremy Borders (Senior Running Back/Cornerback), Ross Wortman (Senior Quarterback/Outside Linebacker), Kohl Henke (Junior Free Safety/Wide Receiver), Will Rains (Senior Defensive Tackle/Offensive Guard), and Will Watkins (Junior Middle Linebacker/Offensive Tackle)

South Pittsburg:   Hogan Holland (Senior Quarterback), Kyree Pryor (Senior Halfback/Defensive Back), Drew Daniels (Senior Offensive Lineman/Defensive End), Mitch Butner (Senior Linebacker/Tight End), and Cade Kennemore (Junior Wide Receiver/Defensive Back)

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