GREATER VALLEY POWER RANKINGS: Valley Teams Keep Steady as Regions Turn

As we embark on a week of play late in the season, a lot of movement is taking place in the lower two-thirds of the rankings.

Most of the moves come out of Region 3-3A and 4-3A where it’s a wild, wild west in regards to playoff spots.  Although Sequatchie County and Notre Dame remain at the top in in control of the No. 1 seed for their respective regions, others in their district are struggling to get a grip on the shifting level of play.  One of note is Howard, who moves into our Top 15 for the first time this season. Tyner moves down to the lowest ranking it’s been since the start of the season.

Region 3-2A is also making a lot of shifts with Meigs County’s defeat of  Boyd-Buchanan, 19-9 on Friday.  Marion County sits firmly at the top, but others hope to topple last season’s top four in hopes of a playoff berth.

And so we present our weekly GSV Power Rankings:

GSV Furious Fifteen

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 4.19.08 PM1.  Sequatchie County Indians (7-0, 3-0)

Week Eight: Win vs. Warren County, 33-27; Week Nine vs. Cannon County [R]*

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 4.19.08 PM2.  South Pittsburg Pirates (6-1, 3-0)

Week Eight: Win at Whitwell, 50-24; Week Nine at Lookout Valley [R]*

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 4.19.08 PM3.  Marion County Warriors (7-1, 5-0)

Week Eight: Win at Silverdale Academy, 52-12; Week Nine vs. Bledsoe County [R]*

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 4.19.08 PM4.  Notre Dame Fighting Irish (5-2, 3-0)

Week Eight: IDLE; Week Nine vs. Signal Mountain [R]*

up and down arrow5.  Meigs County Tigers (6-1, 3-1)

Week Eight: Win vs. Boyd-Buchanan, 19-9; Week Nine vs. Tyner Academy [R]*

up and down arrow6.  Red Bank Lions (4-3, 2-1)

Week Eight:  IDLE; Week Nine vs. Chattanooga Christian [R]*

up and down arrow7. Upperman Bees (4-3, 3-0)

Week Seven: IDLE; Week Nine at Smith County [R]*

up and down arrow8.  Silverdale Seahawks (5-2, 2-2)

Week Eight: Win vs. Marion County, 52-12; Week Nine vs. Brainerd [R]*

up and down arrow9.  Boyd-Buchanan Buccaneers (5-2, 3-2)

Week Eight: Loss at Meigs County, 19-9; Week Nine vs. Polk County [R]*

up and down arrow10. Tyner Academy Rams (2-5, 2-2)

Week Eight: Win vs. Bledsoe County, 25-21; Week Nine vs. Bledsoe County [R]*

up and down arrow11.  Bledsoe County Warriors (2-5, 1-3)

Week Eight: Loss at Tyner Academy, 25-12; Week Nine at Marion County [R]*

up and down arrow12. Whitwell Tigers (3-4, 2-1)

Week Eight:  Loss vs. South Pittsburg, 50-24; Week Nine at Sale Creek [R]*

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 4.19.08 PM13.  Howard Hustlin’ Tigers (4-4, 2-1)

Week Eight: Win vs. Loudon, 46-7; Week Nine at East Ridge [R]*

up and down arrow14.  Grundy County Yellow Jackets (1-6, 1-2)

Week Eight: Loss vs. Dekalb County, 25-22; Week Nine at York Institute [R]*

15.  Dekalb County Tigers (5-3, 3-1)up and down arrow

Week Eight: Win vs. Grundy County, 25-22; Week Nine: IDLE

Just Missing:  Signal Mountain (2-5, 1-2), Chattanooga Christian (4-3, 0-3), East Ridge (3-4, 1-2), Smith County (3-4, 1-2), and York Institute (2-6, 1-3) 

*Denotes Regional Matchup

**Denotes Key Rivalry Matchup

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