Sequatchie County Baseball Ace Commits to Carson-Newman

*PHOTOS:  Making Memories Photography/Eileen Carter*

13047771_580656825449718_5066693159923122991_oDUNLAP, Tenn.–Sequatchie County senior Ace Sidney Schultz took a step toward the next level with his commitment to Carson-Newman University.

The 6’3 right handed pitcher was awarded a full scholarship after he fell in love with the baseball program as a whole.

“I actually took a trip to the university a month ago,” said Schultz. “Even though I visited other schools before and got offers from them,  I visited Carson Newman, and they made me an offer.  I knew that’s where I wanted to be.”

Schultz loved how the coaches interacted with players, and admitted that the campus felt like home. The organized baseball program was another element that contributed to his commitment to Carson Newman.

When he got an offer from Eagles, he knew his hard work had finally started to pay off. Schulz was motivated by the expectation for playing for Carson Newman and believes that playing with players with a higher skill level will aid him in improving his baseball skills.

12841378_562654673916600_4274151409016762996_oSchultz set goals for himself from the start, including trying to get some varsity playing time.

It wasn’t until Schultz took part in a travel-ball team, this previous summer, that he started to get calls and offers from colleges and universities. After he committed to Carson Newman, he became much more focused to be a better pitcher.

“After my fall season in high school, I’m really going to work out and get stronger,” Schultz explains. “I want to get a little quicker and athletic off the mound.”

Matt Harvey is big influence for Schultz.  He molded his game around his aggressive style, but Schultz’s grandfather influences his work ethic on and off the field.

Schulz believes all his teammates would describe him as “hardworking, dedicated, and positive.” He admits the hardest part will be leaving his friends and teammates behind.

“I advise the guys [on my team] to never give up,” Schultz said. “The recruitment process can be very down. They just have to trust that their hard work will pay off, no matter what.”

13047994_580654618783272_3764146667456575564_oAs for life after college, Schultz narrowed down his list of possibilities.

“It has always been a dream of mine to make it to the major league,” Schultz said.

His second option could be to coach if the pros don’t work out. On the other side of the spectrum–in a Josh Dobbs-Aerospace Engineer line of thinking–Shultz wanted to be an FBI Agent when he was younger and still sees it as a career possibility in this future.

Schultz describes himself as a hard working player, believing he has a very strong mental game, which he uses to outsmart hitters. What Schultz doesn’t possess physically, he makes up for mentally. Schultz, though not very overpowering on the mound, will always try to outwork everyone.

And although Shultz’s dream may seem ambitious and far-reaching, he wouldn’t be the first to make it to The Bigs.

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