South Pittsburg Suffers Through Injury, Closer Than Expected

Odds of Happening:  15 to 1

South Pittsburg is a Cookeville contender at this point.  We all know it.  But interestingly enough, the Pirates are dealing with three key injuries to Cade Kennemore, Garrett Raulston, and Kyree Pryor, according to various sources.  That being said, the Tigers have stayed healthy so far in the season, and that may be their saving grace in this one.  In the most important Region matchup of the season, South Pittsburg is missing key pieces of the offense.  Rest assured, though, there should be enough gas in the tank, with senior signal-caller Hogan Holland, to go around.

Sequatchie County Builds a Woodshed Out Back For Pioneers

Odds of Happening:  10 to 1

Earlier in the season, DeKalb County throttled the Pioneers of Warren County 27-7, and those same Tigers lost to Sequatchie County by a similar margin.  It’s hard to make early season-late season comparisons, but the Pioneers are bottom-feeders of Class 6A.  And as much as the Tigers treat their season like a roller coaster–going from high-highs to low-lows–this comparison seems like a sound judgement.  Although it was close last season, the Indians have a better defense with an improved passing game, providing a lot of balance.  Don’t be surprised if the Indians send their fans home early with complete domination on bot sides of the ball.

Bledsoe County Upsets the Tyner on the Road

Odds of Happening:  17 to 1

The Warriors lost their dark horse status and won it back with close wins over Whitwell and Polk County and close losses to Silverdale and Sequatchie County early in the season.  After taking it in the groin against Boyd-Buchanan, the Warriors are downed slightly, but against a one-win Tyner squad, they might be able to get their 2015 mojo back and get into the playoffs.  A dogfight mentality is something they have and already show, especially last week as the points were hard to come by for the Buccaneers.  If they do get the upset, their passing game will be the key, and the playoff chances go up significantly.

 Grundy County Inches Closer to Playoff Spot With DeKalb Upset

Odds of Happening:  7 to 1

Though it might seem crazy, the Yellow Jackets could actually pick up win number two against Dekalb County in Coalmont.  After last season’s close 28-20 loss in Smithville, this game has turned into a makeshift rivalry.  You can bet the Tigers haven’t forgotten last season’s close call, but Grundy County is riding into Crisp field with a lot of confidence after almost taking down Upperman earlier in the season.  And they’ve been known to play it close, so if luck falls their way, the Yellow Jackets could wiggle into the playoffs to many people’s surprise.

Marion County Improves Passing Game Drastically Against Seahawks

Odds of Happening:  3 to 1

The Warriors have had success through the air this season, but against a Silverdale squad built much like a Valley team, they might have a lot more.  With Jacob Saylors and Kane Hale snatching passes in on the outside, sophomore quarterback Isaiah Sampson could amass a ton of yards. And though, they are favored heavily, the Seahawks will have to stop the assing game to stop Marion County.  That’s unlikely to happen with Marion County’s Win The Day mentality, though.


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