SEQUATCHIE VALLEY FOOTBALL: Three Takeaways From Week Five

Grundy County is Extremely Underrated

After taking down Cannon County two weeks ago, 13-12, the Yellow Jackets didn’t have anywhere near the same success last week against a top ten Class 2A powerhouse.  This week, though, the Jackets faced another 13-12 debacle, except this time they ended up on the wrong side of the box score.  After leading 12-0 from the first quarter until five minutes left in the fourth, the Yellow JAckets can catch a break.  This makes the second time in two years that Grundy County’s upset of a tog dog in the region was aborted late.  If we had an article detailing the most C’Mon Man moments, the folks out in Coalmont would account for 90% of them.

Don’t Ever Threaten Marion County’s National Anthem Ceremony

Dating back to before Ricky Ross’s days as a head coach in Jasper, the Warriors aren’t a team easily distracted by outside attention.  Even as one of the biggest scandals to ever rock the area took blow after blow against the program, that team still made it to the quarterfinals without trouble.  So, if you have any plans of trying to embark on a storyline that could put the Warriors off their game, go ahead and can them, especially if they involve protesting one of the most sacred moment in a Valley high school football game:  the national anthem.

Tigers Not As Impressive as Point Total Suggests

As much as I would love to ride the Tiger train all the way to Cookeville, it can’t happen if you’re satisfied with a win over a defunct Lookout Valley.  Not to say that Malone and crew are, but to move on to bigger challenges at a faster rate, this has to be a regular occurrence in non-South Pittsburg region matchups.  The number of points was high, and the morale was just as far up there, and that’s needed after the last two weeks, but please move on from a trip to the woodshed, and fast.

BONUS:  Weeks Without Classic Rivalries are Not As Pointless as They Seem

I have to admit that coming into week five, my expectations weren’t high.  No key matchups.  No huge rivalry games.  Then again, the football Gods can only do so much in a football season.  In fact, they made something out of nothing in the Valley with interesting gameday headlines along with baffling score boxes on both sides of the spectrum.  The fact is that you don’t need a rivalry or interesting storylines or….what am I kidding, can the Battle for the Stump go ahead and just be here at this very second.  But that leaves all the fun of speculation and smack talk out of the equation, but I digress.

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