FOOTBALL: Five Bold Predictions Going Into Week Four

South Pittsburg-Marion County is Decided by One Score or Less

As many times as these teams have met–and blown each other out–don’t we deserve a close game once in awhile?  Since 2005’s 13-12 classic, the two teams have only gotten below a 20-point margin with the closest being 12 points.  And although South Pittsburg holds an 8-2 series lead since then, the Warriors have taken the last two by a landslide.  A close game is overdue between these squads, 11 years overdue to be exact.  With Marion County bringing back a title-contending team along with the miraculous, sooner-than-expected resurgence of  South Pittsburg could give this Friday night’s ticket a value beyond belief.

Sequatchie County has Secondary Trouble in Jamestown

With the style of play York Institute embodies, you would think they’d have a killer passing attack.  Alas, they seem to be better in the rushing game than through the air, but against an Indians secondary that hasn’t really been tested this season, they could have some luck.  And if you want to win against what now looks like the Region favorite, you’re going to need every facet of the game on your side.  And if they get going early, the score could be closer than last year’s blowout in Dunlap.

Yellow Jackets Somehow Manage to Hold Watertown Below Spread

That’s not to say the Jackets will win in Watertown, but they’re not an automatic win for the Purple Tigers.  And in the event that they’ll likely take a loss on the road, Grundy County can take solace in that fact that it’ll be close.  That being said, this is a completely different squad from last year’s near-win at the Coalmont school’s homecoming.  In fact, this is a No. 8-ranked team in Class 2A, something short, but not much, of Marion County who throttled the Yellow Jackets earlier in the season.  The Jackets will have to have some breaks go their way, but the Purple Tigers may get more than they bargained for in a home game.

Last Team to Score in Whitwell-Bledsoe County Wins

Bledsoe County football has definitely fallen below expectations this year, being blown out against South Pittsburg and losing a close battle to an upstart Silverdale.  The Tigers, on the other hand, have come closer to being the team they were predicted to be in the offseason.  So Friday night’s matchup could be determinate of both teams’ momentum heading into the second half of the season.  A lot more weight bears down on the Warriors, but it could be a close game down the stretch with offenses taking over.  And that could constitute a barn-burner, ensuing a dire need to have possession last in this one.

None of the Previous Four Predictions Come True

And then again, it’s very likely that none of the previous predictions come through on a week that is more cut and dry than most, outside of the Game of the Week Matchup between the Warriors and Pirates.  I have found that I can, in fact, be wrong and never claim to know everything.  Here’s to hoping at least one of the events listed above actually happens.

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