FOOTBALL: Five Bold Predictions Going into Week One

It’s that time of the week again.

You know, when we make big picks in hopes that we might be on the right side of a better history.  Where we try to make outlandish picks in the name journalism and analysis that probably or might actually happen.  Yeah, it’s that time.

Marion County Hangs 60 on the Wildcats

The Warriors are known for domination, so this prediction will probably have more clout than than the others below.  Although they play at Hixson this year, they did score nearly 40 points in the opener last season.  The offense hasn’t slowed down, and the line and defense have just gotten bigger, faster, and stronger without losing a lot of depth.  The Warriors look to be able to take down the Wildcats, but the only question is can they bury them, too.

South Pittsburg has More Passing Than Rushing Yards

Any team that Vic Grider coaches is sure to be heavy on the run, but with the talent he has on the outside, he’d be crazy not to throw the ball, even a little.  That being said, the Pirates started off both quarters of the Sequatchie Valley Jamboree with a long passing, touchdown play between Cade Kennemore and Hogan Holland.  Holland, now knowing the system a lot better, should have the means necessary to make some strikes through the air when you include his speedy backfield.  And against Sequatchie County, they’ll have success on deep throws barring a complete renovation of the secondary.

Neither Whitwell nor Grundy Scores 21 points

Although both teams are known for their different offensive styles, they might not muster a lot of points.  The Tigers have a new Pistol scheme, which can throw a wild card your way, but if all you do is run, the Yellow Jackets can stop it.  With more balance, they can have success, but the difference in speed is not that great.  Whitwell and Grundy County have nearly the same caliber of athlete with slight variations, so there should be some great match-ups.  That being said, if it’s close, it won’t be a barn-burner in nature.

Sequatchie County Takes It To Overtime

The Pirates are favored in week one but only by a tad bit as Sequatchie County is who they’re facing.  The Indians bring a lot of different formations to table while keeping the rush-heavy nature of the program alive.  Mixing in Wing-T with the shotgun helps to keep your opponents off-balance.  And it might keep the Pirates off-kilter enough to play as close as they did last year.  Even though this game won’t mean anything to either team’s’ playoff chances, it’s a Sequatchie Valley Friday Night.  That means you can expect anything to happen.

Yellow Jackets Win By Two Touchdowns

If you have to go in favor of the Yellow Jackets, you might as well go big.  Grundy County showed they could fight back tying Silverdale 14-14 with about 2 minutes left on the clock.  You wouldn’t see that kind of fight in the program last year, but this year, the Yellow Jackets look as keen as they ever have under Casey Tate.  They might be a team that makes the playoffs, and it’ll be a big motivator if they can start off on the right foot…and put it to the floor if possible against a rival only a mountainside away.

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