THE RUNDOWN: Gentlemen, Start Your Engines…


No, not football season, silly.  Our weekly RUNDOWN, which was formerly hosted by the now defunct River City Sports, is back and better than ever with a new home on TSSN The Valley.  Same writer, same idea, better on the fly.

This week features our game of the week between South Pittsburg and Sequatchie County, which was detailed in a previous article.  Also, on the docket is Whitwell at Grundy County followed by Marion County travelling to Hixson.  Bledsoe County currently has a bye week, so they’ll be interested to see what unfold this week in Sequatchie Valley Football action.


The Tigers travel out to Coalmont in a game that both sides consider a pretty big rivalry.  According to WHS Tiger Football History, 2016 will be the 67th recorded time these two teams have played.  Grundy County holds the 38-25-3 series lead, but as always this game is up in the air with both teams collecting more and more question marks in the offseason.  And the Yellow Jackets aren’t looking so good in this matchup, coming off a 1-9 season with the same offensive system.  The defense, though, could be their most improved aspect and may garner some Valley attention this season.

Key Matchup:  Yellow Jacket Secondary vs. Tiger Air Attack

Hype Factor:  Both Teams See It As A Rivalry Game, though Grundy does put more emphasis on it.  

The Extra Point:  Whitwell has only one win in the last six matchups.  


The Wildcats opened up last season at Bill Baxter Stadium, but they might have faired better to call it a forfeit and stay at the house after a tremendous blowout in Jasper.  This season, not much has changed, and though the Wildcats are probably improved from 2015, the Warriors will likely waltz their way back across the Mountain with a 1-0 record.  That being said, you can never count out the depth and ability of a 4A football program, especially around the Chattanooga area.  If Hixson is to get the unique upset, they’ll have to be ready to play like they’re facing the best 4A has offer right out of the gates.

Key Matchup:  Warrior Rushing Attack vs. Hixson’s Linebacker Corp

Hype Factor:  For the Warriors, it’s the first game of a likely extended season.  Hixson gets a large ticket in the form of Marion County’s travelling fan base.  

The Extra Point:  Last year’s game was on a Saturday, so maybe a more usual schedule could help the Wildcats’ psyche.  

BLEDSOE COUNTY:  Sitting Up On The Hill

The Warriors will experience week one from the comfort of their own locker room.  That’s right, Bledsoe County’s bye week starts out the season with a lack of a bang.  We’ll pray for the blue and gold faithful.  They do get an extra week of preparation for the hyped Pirates from South Pittsburg.  It will be needed if they want to pull off the upset in the home opener.

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