FOOTBALL: Game-By-Game Analysis for the South Pittsburg Pirates

This is a segment of a 6-part series detailing every schedule of every Sequatchie valley team.  Be sure to look out for you team coming soon.  These articles are merely the opinion of the author and not of representative of TSSN | The Valley or its affiliates.

WEEK ONE: Sequatchie County Indians (Away)


As fun as the theatrics were in South Pittsburg for the season opener, this year could be more hyped than last with the Pirates bringing back 20 of 22 players and the Indians reloading on offense.  The speed of South Pittsburg and the physicality of the Indians combine for one heck of a matchup on both sides of the ball.  The Pirates, however, look to have the advantage in experience, especially with the game falling on week one.  Quarterback play goes to South Pittsburg as Hogan Holland survived the Indian storm last season.  Though, that may be the case, the Indians are changing up the way they play offensively, so it’s all up in the air.  Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 21, Sequatchie County 20

WEEK TWO:  Bledsoe County Warriors (Away)


Instead of heading out for the first two games like the Warriors did last year, they’ll play host to South Pittsburg and Silverdale in weeks two and three.  The Pirates are a very veteran squad and even more so than the underrated Warriors, but playing at home could hand the edge to Bledsoe County.  Speed matchups will be critical to this bout, and if South Pittsburg can out-race the Warriors, they can surely torch the slightly inexperienced secondary after a warm-up in Dunlap.  This will be a matchup of two seasoned quarterbacks, so if Sorrow gets hot early, it could be a barn-burner in Pikeville, although the farmers would probably have a word or two to say about that.  Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 28, Bledsoe County 24



Vic Grider and company will have two weeks to prepare for the Warriors attack.  That will be the ace up their sleeve as both teams look to be in their best for since 2005.  Getting their legs up in under themselves is the main goal in week three, which is early by most standards, but against Marion County, all measured are used to your advantage.  Projected Result:  RIVALRY UPLOADED —- 100%

WEEK FOUR:  Marion County Warriors (Home)


Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past 50 years or so, you know that this game is always big, mainly one-sided depending on the year, but still big.  That being said, this year could be the closest since the 13-12 game in 2005 with both teams returning droves of talent on both sides of the ball.  The Warriors will probably be the favorite if the run through their first three games, and the Pirates probably won’t get all the weight their worth in gold.  The Pirates only lose two from a squad that made a deep run last year, while the Warriors lost a lot but reloaded with young talent.  Expect a golden year for Powerhouse Alley.   Projected Result:  Marion County 35, South Pittsburg 34

WEEK FIVE:  Copper Basin Cougars (Home) [R]


Copper Basin will likely be sitting as a 3-seed when it’s all said and done.  That  being said, it won’t be a close race with the Tigers and Pirates.  The Cougars will be overmatch and outmanned in a game that should have to take place this early in the season.  It’ll get the home crowd in for a blowout, though.     Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 42, Copper Basin 6

WEEK SIX:  Grundy County (Away)


It’s not secret that South Pittsburg quarterback, Hogan Holland, hails from Grundy County, so it should be interesting to see how much motivation the Jackets have to win this one.  Whether they put up a fight or not, this game will be hyped, if only on the Mountain.  The Pirates have had trouble with the option because speed can’t account for a wrong step in most cases.  With bigger bodies now in South Pittsburg, though, the Yellow Jacket might want to focus on winning the bye week after.    Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 35, Grundy County 14

WEEK SEVEN:  Sale Creek (Home) [R]


If you have any questions about this pick, you should be banned from reading football articles until the end of time.  Soutb Pittsburg is too athletic and establish to even play close with the Panthers.  Projected Result: South Pittsburg 41, Sale Creek 7

WEEK EIGHT:  Whitwell Tigers (Away) [R]


Last season, this matchup was a classic…if you don’t include the second half where the Pirates completely overpowered the Tigers in a 42-14 win to take the region crown.  This year, the Pirates look untouchable, but if things don’t go their way, Whitwell could pull their wild card and upset the Cookeville-bound ‘Fighting Griders.’  The speed and athleticism of the Pirates will like be too much schematically to overcome.  Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 35, Whitwell 17

WEEK NINE:  Lookout Valley Yellow Jackets (Away) [R]


The Yellow Jackets will have a reason to play this game seeing as Richard Hardy now has players on the roster in Tiftonia.  The Pirates still have a lot more players, even if they didn’t have the brute physicality to to pound the Yellow Jackets into submission.  The Jackets have been undersized in recent years, but if they can bulk up, they might be able to keep it close through the 1st quarter, maybe.   Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 38, Lookout Valley 3

WEEK TEN:  Boyd-Buchanan Buccaneers (Home)


The Pirates and Buccaneers have long hated each other, but after this season, they’ll part ways, at least in the public school division.  This one should be closely contested as both programs have taken steps toward each other’s level.  Boyd-Buchanan lost some players while the Pirates have just reloaded in two slots.  You can for see a South Pittsburg win  with the speed and size to overcome most any team.  Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 28, Boyd-Buchanan 24

WEEK ELEVEN:  Grace Baptist Golden Eagles (Away) [R]


The Golden Eagles aren’t the worst team in the Region, and they could be vying for the 3-seed with Copper Basin.  Still, both of those teams can’t match up to the veteran status South Pittsburg has accrued since Vic Grider came back last season.  It will be a bettle for second at most, but as our questions asked in an earlier article:  Can anyone stop them?    Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 41, Grace Academy 14

POSTSEASON:  December or Bust


This team’s motto is to play in December.  This season they’ll have their chance and the possibility of a 15-0 record.  Most teams couldn’t fathom that kind record let alone pursue it, but the Pirates are elite.  Their biggest hurdles will be Boyd-Buchanan and Marion County, who both had big wins against the Pirates last season.  If they can get past those two teams and a stout Columbia Academy in the playoffs, the trip to Cookeville is theirs.  And that game’s always a toss-up.

FINAL TALLY:  13-2 (5-0, R3-1A), First Round Win, Second Round Win, Quarterfinal Win, Semifinal Win, State Runners-Up

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