FOOTBALL: Six Insane Predictions That Are ‘Vegas-Worthy’

What happens in Vegas…well…turns into a unique metaphor used all around the sports community.

Today, we dive into some of the bold predictions you’ll see all season.  Mainly because the odds are in the bookie’s favor.  You heard it right, these predictions probably won’t happen, but it’s fun to at least think of all the possibilities, whether or not they’d break your wallet.

A word of advice:  don’t gamble on these predictions or any others.  That’s a disclaimer for those playing the home game.

Sequatchie County Makes it to the Semifinals

You heard it first on TSSN | The Valley.  And that’s probably the last time you’ll hear or reference to it.  The Indians are a great pick to win Region 4-3A if they can get a handle on their secondary, but the postseason is still up in the air.  Notre Dame reloads in Region 3-3A, while other teams are expected to take a step back.  Hunter Davenport boasts as the one player on Sequatchie County’s roster worthy of All-State Preseason.  Several hail from  Dekalb County and the Irish.

Even so, if the stars align and the Bees, Tigers,or Indians can upset the Irish, it’s possible the Indians are an upset away from the semifinals.  And might I add that a win there puts the Indians a miracle away Cookeville, as they’ll likely face Alcoa or CAK, which are both equally as intimidating.  The Indians will likely make it to the second round if they can earn a home playoff game, but anything after that is really left to birds as the sky’s the limit.

South Pittsburg is Upset by Whitwell in the Playoffs

We can see the headlines now: ‘Tigers Botch Beene Stadium.’  Oh, did you wake up from that dream?  Sorry for your dose of reality.  Back in consciousness, the Pirates are the team to beat in Class 1A.  The Tigers, on the other hand, present a dark horse option, but only if they can stay healthy.  Even then the chances aren’t so great.

The Tigers would have to lose in the regular season then upset Columbia Academy, possibly, to even make the appointment in South Pittsburg.  Still, the Tigers would know the Pirates better than any other team in 1A, short of another region 3 team. If the Tigers have injured players and heal them, mold them, then bring them back in the postseason, it could present a surprise the Pirates aren’t expecting.  Although the matchup isn’t out of the question, the result this prediction entails is very much unswerable.

Marion County Loses Before the Title Game

Don’t book the trip to Cookeville yet.  The Warriors could be watching the game from local television if they don’t keep a close eye on the prize.  Although the Warriors are a favorite to make it to the 2A Title game and win, the competition just paints a bigger target by the day.  All-State and Mr. Football Semifinalist linebacker, check.  New head coach from inside the program, check.  A region taking a step back for several teams, check.  Veteran trenches, check.

Meigs County and Tyner still pose a threat inside the region, but the Warriors are still picked to be on top.  They’ll likely navigate thoguh the quarterfinals swiftly, but the trouble comes from the semifinal matchup where you know almost nothing about your opponent.  Luckily, Hampton was a weak link in the playoff chain, but this year, the Warriors might not be so lucky.  Even if they do make it to Cookeville, which is very possible, Trezevant and the West Tennessee schools aren’t going anywhere.

Grundy County Hosts in the Playoffs

Only three teams stand between the Yellow Jackets and a playoff berth…an away playoff berth.  Those three teams will likely be a pushover, but the real meat in this discussion is if the Yellow Jackets can breed major upsets over either Sequatchie County, Upperman, or Dekalb County.  If the Fighting Tates can pull off two or more upsets, they could be making arrangements for another game at Crisp field.

Maybe that’s a tall order for a team with only one win a season ago.  But if anyone can do it, it’s the underdogs from Coalmont, who will likely be the most improved team from last year in the Valley.  The Yellow Jackets will have to improve a lackluster defense while perfecting the split-back veer that they run on offense.  Either way, there’s still a lot of improvement needed if this team plans on being unavailable in week 12.

Whitwell Wins the Unknown, yet Coveted ‘Sequatchie Valley Title’

One prediction we have is the invention of a Sequatchie Valley Title.  How could we know that kind of inside information?  Well, let’s just say we have a source at TSSN | The Valley that mentioned it.  Regardless, the Tigers will be vying for the supreme honor of topping the Sequatchie Valley elite.  With a chance to win all their Valley matchups this season, the Tigers could be boasting an invisible trophy that doesn’t exist yet.

The Tigers will have to prove their balance and wild card status, though if they want a real shot at the heavyweight title of the 150-mile long Sequatchie Valley.

Bledsoe County Makes a Run for Cookeville

As impossible as it seems, the Warriors could be a dark horse of the dark horses.  And we’re not talking about Marion County.  Although those Warriors will be a huge hurdle if Bledsoe County stands a chance of making a deep playoff run.  Last season, the blue-clad Warriors played close with Region 4-2A’s top dog, Forrest.  In fact, they were the only team to lose in the first round from their region of death.

If they can overcome the other region, it’s up in the air after round one.  And if their regular season woes versus Marion County, Boyd-Buchanan, Tyner, and Meigs County are too great, they could push past their own region in the second and quarterfinal rounds.  Still, two weeks against 3-2A opponents is tough, let alone in the postseason.  It’s way out in space, but so was Auburn in 2010 coming out of the SEC West.

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