CHANDLER’S CORNER: Next Year’s Projected TSSAA Realignments Tampering Yet Again

The TSSAA meddles in things it shouldn’t on a constant basis.

Now with the public-private split, they have to rearrange the public sector yet again, which entails moves from Class to Class and region to region.  It’s the never ending game of statewide musical chairs.  Here’s a post from the guys over at Friday Main Event about a post that projects realignments for public league football.

Some things to note are the movement of four Chattanooga area schools from 2A back to 3A.  All four of those schools dropped down during the last reclassification.  Bledsoe County, Tyner, Brainerd, and Polk County could potentially move up if this projection is accurate.  It’s likely that the projection is a couple of schools off, and these four hover near the line.

Alcoa sits right on the 3A/2A line, but they will likely move back up to 3A regardless of where they land.  And the moves by the four schools above would put three Sequatchie Valley schools in Class 3A as well.  South Pittsburg, Marion County, and Whitwell would stay in their respective divisions as they are nowhere near the cut line.

The effect that this move would have on a lot schools, especially those in the Valley, is tremendous.

Bledsoe County is struggling already with 2A competition, and probably wouldn’t fare well in a 4-3A type scenario.  Although, the draw of the Indians and Warriors being in the same division again could stir a lot of interest.  When you add that, the Warriors suddenly become a lot more interested in the 3A Classification even when their best chance at a State Title is right where they are currently.

The loss of Tyner, Bledsoe County, Silverdale, Boyd-Buchanan, Brainerd, and Polk County would put Marion County in a tough position of playing teams to the west of the Valley or north of the Chattanooga area.  Meigs County would likely be a big region foe, but they could be looking at a lot of travelling in their division.

Columbia Academy, now that they’ve pledged to stay in the public school leagues, would still be in 1A, even with their multiplier.  That could pose problems for South Pittsburg and Whitwell, who have been taken down by the Bulldogs a combined three times in the last season.

Even so, this move does reverse the effect of the last realignment when the TSSAA basically gave the finger to smaller schools by giving the 6A Class automatic berths to the playoffs while making travelling harder for programs with small enrollment numbers.

This time, they took the positives they found from the current system and shoved them into the abyss.  Now, teams like Bledsoe County will have to face the music when they’re pulled up to 3A while others will have to face competition they thought they rid themselves of during the last go-around.

Change is always a hard thing to grasp and even more so when there’s no logic brought to the table.

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