As we are now in the ‘new’ week zero, informally known as Jamboree week, we thought it was time to reinvigorate our GSV Poll, if only a tiny bit.  This time we featured a Strength of Schedule gauge (SOS) that indicates the toughness of schedule for every team.  The scale is based on an average school grading scale, but the scores could only be a multiple of five.

The scale is as follows:  Below 70=Failing, 70-74=D, 75-79=C, 80-89=B, and 90-100=A.  For the purposes of this countdown, out scores will not reach 100 due to the uncertainties of what may happen in the first few weeks.  That should change though as the season goes along.

And without further ado, we give you the GSV Furious Fifteen Power Rankings


1.  Dekalb County Tigers  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  85

2. Marion County Warriors  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  95

3. South Pittsburg Pirates  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  65

4. Notre Dame Fighting Irish  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  80

5. Tyner Academy Rams  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  90

6. Upperman Bees  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  90

7. Meigs County Tigers  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  95

8. Sequatchie County Indians  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  85

9. East Ridge Pioneers  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  85

10. Whitwell Tigers  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  70

11. Bledsoe County Warriors  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  95

12. Chattanooga Christian  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  85

13. Red Bank Lions  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  85

14.  Grundy County Yellow Jackets  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  80

15.  Smith County Owls  (0-0, 0-0)–SOS:  80

Just Missing the Cut:  Brainerd (SOS: 85), Copper Basin (SOS: 65), York Institute (SOS: 85), Signal Mountain  (SOS: 85), and Grace Baptist (SOS: 70)

Contact Chandler Morrison at and follow him on Twitter@RCS_Chandler!



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