FOOTBALL: Game-By-Game Analysis for the Grundy County Yellow Jackets

This is a segment of a 6-part series detailing every schedule of every Sequatchie valley team.  Be sure to look out for you team coming soon.  These articles are merely the opinion of the author and not of representative of TSSN | The Valley or its affiliates.

WEEK ONE: Whitwell Tigers (Home)


Maybe it’s not the premier rivalry in the Sequatchie Valley, but this game has a lot of clout with the players involved.  And this year, it could be a thriller with the unknowns coming from Tiger Town and an improved roster from Coalmont.  These teams will likely be complete opposites as the Tiger will try to balance things out in contrary to the run-first mentality of Casey Tate.  Defensively, the Tigers have an advantage, having to defend the Yellow Jackets and their split-back veer attack last season.  There are just too many questions on that side of the ball for Grundy County.  Projected Result: Whitwell 27, Grundy County 17

WEEK TWO:  Marion County Warriors (Away)


One of the hardest things to do in high school football is win against a team the caliber of Marion County.  It’s even harder when you’re trying to recover from a 1-9 season.  The matchups look good from Marion County on paper, but the speed from Jasper puts them over the edge as favorites.  The streak the Warriors carry in is astronomical for teams that play every single year, with Grundy County falling short five years in a row.  Still, if the option can get in full form fast, the Yellow Jackets might have a chance to take down their hated rivals from Jasper.  Projected Result:  Marion County 35, Grundy County 14

WEEK THREE:  Cannon County Lions (Away) [R]


Casey Tate and company eased over the Lions in 2015 to pick up their only win on the season.  This year should be no different as the Cannon County has a lack of talent with a system that requires it.  Don’t take the men of Woodbury lightly, though as the Yellow Jacket still had trouble containing the sub-par offense.  That being said, Tate has put a lot of emphasis on stopping teams from scoring this past offseason.  Projected Result:  Grundy County 41, Cannon County 7

WEEK FOUR:  Watertown Purple Tigers (Away)


Losing on your homecoming night is never ideal, but neither was last year’s success.  The Purple Tigers matchup well with the Yellow Jackets, but this game will be played in the mind rather than on the field.  Grundy County has to think of this game as avengement rather than just another ball game if they want to pick up win number two on the season.  Projected Result:  Grundy County 35, Watertown 21

WEEK FIVE:  Upperman Bees (Home) [R]


Sitting at the top and bottom of Region 4-3A last season, The Yellow Jackets and Bees are opposite in nature.  And as Grundy County looks to move up ever so slightly, the Bees are doing the same thing, only in reverse.  With Dekalb County and Sequatchie County looking to take over the region, Upperman could be left out of the playoff picture if certain events do happen.  One of those events are a Grundy County upset.  And if they get on a roll in previous weeks they could very well do it, but for now, let’s stick to the paper.   Projected Result:  Upperman 27, Grundy County 10

WEEK SIX:  South Pittsburg Pirates (Home)


It’s not secret that South Pittsburg quarterback, Hogan Holland, hails from Grundy County, so it should be interesting to see how much motivation the Jackets have to win this one.  Whether they put up a fight or not, this game will be hyped, if only on the Mountain.  The Pirates have had trouble with the option because speed can’t account for a wrong step in most cases.  With bigger bodies now in South Pittsburg, though, the Yellow Jacket might want to focus on winning the bye week after.    Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 35, Grundy County 14



As much as football runs through the veins of every player, this is a great time to take that wonderful woman in you life to that all-inclusive, Valley-rated restaurant or put up a projector on the side of a barn.  And if you’re without love, do your schoolwork because the right woman will come along if you have the money flowing.  Either way, it’s a week to enjoy, so make the most of that Friday night.  OR you could always go watch another football game if you’re that bored with your life.  Projected Result:  Dinner: $35, Movie: $15, Keeping Your Woman Happy in the Heart of Football Season: Priceless

WEEK EIGHT:  Dekalb County Tigers (Home) [R]


During last year’s matchup, the world became aware of Dekalb County’s up-and-down status as they lead by only a touchdown late in a game they would hold on to win, 28-20.  Inconsistency was the story of last year’s Tiger squad, but will it be that way this year?  They have several all-state players, consistent with the number of all-state players Marion County has in Class 2A.  The secondary is pretty great, but Dekalb County has trouble stopping the run at times, so the Yellow Jackets could potentially bust out some big plays to keep themselves alive in the region.   Projected Result:  Grundy County 35, Dekalb County 34

WEEK NINE:  York Institute Dragons (Away) [R]


This is another game for the Yellow Jackets that spells out their postseason.  Even if they get an upset over Dekalb County, Grundy County will still need to win games to try and advance in the playoffs.  The Dragons are decent on offense, boasting a passing attack similar to other 4-3A teams.  It could be deadly if their quarterback gets hot as the Yellow JAcket secondary is not a great as the sum of the rest of the team.  Still, the Dragon will likely be puffing smoke instead of full-blown flames.  Projected Result:  Grundy County 35, York Institute 24

WEEK TEN:  Sequatchie County Indians (Away) [R]


In one of the most trash-talking rivalries the Valley sees year-in and year-out, Sequatchie County holds the advantage.  But hold you horses on that one.  It wasn’t long ago that the Indians fell to the Yellow Jackets in overtime.  Those days are long gone, but Grundy County is deadly late.  The rushing defense for Sequatchie County will probably be too much to handle for Grundy County, though with two All-Valley players in the linebacker corp.  That being said, this team is more put together than last year’s so don’t count the Jackets out.  Projected Result:  Sequatchie County 42, Grundy County 21

WEEK ELEVEN:  Smith County Owls (Home) [R]


Late in the season, Smith County took down the Jackets in 2015, but this game will likely be the difference between a week 12 opponent and another date with the girlfriend.  The Owls are largely unproven and seem to be down in the passing game.  That makes it an easier battle for Jackets who rely more on run-stoppage than a no-fly zone.  The defense for the Owls is decent, but they, like many teams, have trouble defending the option on a regular basis.  The Yellow Jackets have a fair chance to win, but it will be dependant on how they make it to the last game, unscathed physically or completely wiped out.   Projected Result:  Grundy County 28, Smith County 24

POSTSEASON:  1st Round’s The Charm


As the song says, ‘there ain’t no mountain high enough…to keep me from getting to the playoffs baby.’  Okay maybe In paraphrased, but the Yellow Jackets have all the makings of a playoff team.  With the right upsets, they could be a borderline home playoff team.  Even if they finish 1-9, they’ll be a better team tenfold.  Don’t count the Jackets out, especially late in the season.

FINAL TALLY:  5-5 (4-2, R4-3A), First Round Loss

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