FOOTBALL: Game-By-Game Analysis for the Bledsoe County Warriors

This is a segment of a 6-part series detailing every schedule of every Sequatchie valley team.  Be sure to look out for you team coming soon.  These articles are merely the opinion of the author and not of representative of TSSN | The Valley or its affiliates.



Staring out the season on idle is not ideal, especially when the Jamboree gets you hyped up in a way not many preseason events can.  The Warriors seem to be a team that could prepare for ages if you let them.  And when you’re in a region like 3-2A, you need all the down time you can get.  Either way, Owensby will make due with the early bye week although it is unorthodox and very deadly when you look at the late season slate.  Projected Result:  “O is O.”

WEEK TWO:  South Pittsburg Pirates (Home)


Instead of heading out for the first two games like the Warriors did last year, they’ll play host to South Pittsburg and Silverdale in weeks two and three.  The Pirates are a very veteran squad and even more so than the underrated Warriors, but playing at home could hand the edge to Bledsoe County.  Speed matchups will be critical to this bout, and if South Pittsburg can out-race the Warriors, they can surely torch the slightly inexperienced secondary after a warm-up in Dunlap.  This will be a matchup of two seasoned quarterbacks, so if Sorrow gets hot early, it could be a barn-burner in Pikeville, although the farmers would probably have a word or two to say about that.  Projected Result:  South Pittsburg 28, Bledsoe County 24

WEEK THREE:  Silverdale Seahawks (Home) [R]


The Warriors have a two year streak on the Seahawks, but a senior-laden squad puts them at roughly the same caliber Bledsoe County was last season.  This will be a true test of improvement for the Warriors against a non-Valley team they’ve had on the schedule for a few years.  Consistent and hard-working, Silverdale is what most small private schools hope to be.  They’d probably skip out on Region 3-2A, though.  It will be key for the Warriors to remember not the streak but their last lost against Silverdale in 2013, 28-0.  Stay motivated and get the win.  Projected Result:  Bledsoe County 27, Silverdale 10

WEEK FOUR:  Whitwell Tigers (Away)


Although not natural rivals, Whitwell and Bledsoe county share the ‘group rivalry’ of the Sequatchie Valley.  In other words, it means more than just any old game.  The Tigers boast a new offensive system and new coach, so the team from last year is non-existent and Bledsoe County should burn those memories.  More balance with more experienced players could be trouble for the Warriors, but Whitwell i9s a classification below.  Week two will tell a lot about this game and how the Warriors stack up against Tiger Town.  Projected Result:  Bledsoe County 28, Whitwell 14

WEEK FIVE:  Polk County Wildcats (Home) [R]


The Wildcats are a a region team that could make some noise but probably won’t.  This game is all about mentality for the Warriors as they creamed the Red, White, and Blue 35-2 last season.  The Wildcats are out on their own in the far eastern stretches of 3-2A, but they’ll likely not make the playoffs.  Projected Result:  Bledsoe County 42, Polk County 6

WEEK SIX:  Sequatchie County Indians (Home)


As cliche as it is, you can throw out all the records, statistics, and well, everything.  When the streak-holding Indians come to town, it’s all hands on deck.  It’s a game that can make or break a career as a coach, and both Adam Caine and Josh Owensby are well aware of it.  These teams matchup well on paper with solid rushing defenses, and seasoned trenches topped with great running back talent.  In fact, most of the difference comes from quarterback play where Chaise Sorrow holds the edge over Junior 1st year starting signal caller Ethan Barker.  Their styles of play are very different, though, so that could be key to finding out who holds the Stump in 2016.  Projected Result:  Sequatchie County 24, Bledsoe County 21

WEEK SEVEN:  Boyd-Buchanan Buccaneers (Away) [R]


With the clash of blue at Boyd-Buchanan, this one could send the Buccaneers to Division II with a chip on their shoulder.  The men of the ship are down from last year, having to replace State-caliber talent, so the Warriors could sneak their way into a win.  The Buccaneers have a quarterback battle, but both could potential outrank Sorrow.  The rushing attack is solid, but against a Valley team it might prove less than average.   Still, the Buccaneers haven’t shown a drop big enough to miss the playoffs, so it would be an uphill battle for the Warriors.  Projected Result:  Boyd-Buchanan 35, Bledsoe County 21

WEEK EIGHT:  Tyner Academy Rams (Away) [R]


In the midst of a four week stretch that would derail most teams, the Warriors will have to upset one opponent in weeks seven through nine.  Tyner is a program that seems to always be consistent, no matter the year, behind Wayne Turner.  That being said, they have some athletes that could be trouble on the outside along with a quarterback to boot.  It will be no easy task to rope in the Rams, who took down the Warriors 20-0 in very damp weather last season.  That coupled with an exhausting two weeks on the road could put the final nail in the coffin, but hey something’s got to give.  Right?  Projected Result:  Bledsoe County 14, Tyner 13

WEEK NINE:  Marion County Warriors (Away) [R]


Ah, after a tough stretch, the Warriors get…Warriors.  Welcome to another week of death in Region 3-2A.  The purple-clad Warriors are fresh off back-to-back Cookeville appearances, so their presence can be overwhelming.  Maybe Bledsoe County can get hot after a possible win at Tyner, but bets are that they’ll have to wait for week ten to do so.  The blue and gold men do match up somewhat with physical lines and stout backfields, but the linebacker corp for Marion County may be too much with Alex Kirkendoll and company waiting on the other side of no man’s land.  The Warriors again, have a slight advantage in quarterback as Marion County is replacing Logan Walters and backup Bryce Massengale.  Projected Result:  Marion County 42, Bledsoe County 17

WEEK TEN:  Brainerd Panthers (Home) [R]


The densely populated streets of Brainerd are miles apart, both geographically and metaphorically, from the green pastures of Pikeville.  And the pastures still look as bright as ever with Warriors veteran squad.  Compared to Brainerd, the Warriors have an above-average program.  Not that the Panthers won’t be a test, but traveling to Pikeville and winning is easier than it sounds.  Speed will be key in this one, and Bledsoe County will have to be quick on the outside edges to stay alive this late in the season.  Being healthy will be key, too.  With the current roster able to play, the Warriors should have a great chance against most teams, including the Panthers.  Projected Result:  Bledsoe County 24, Brainerd 13

WEEK ELEVEN:  Meigs County Tigers (Away) [R]


Last season, the Warriors played in a game and situation so fathomable, yet almost no one outside of attendees to the game heard about the heroics at James T. Warden.  Down 27-14 at the half, the Warriors scored three unanswered touchdowns to seal a first round playoff game.  This year could be a different story as Marion County and Meigs County look to make up half of the top four teams.  And this game could determine the Warriors’ playoff lives if they can’ pull off an upset during the 3-2A gauntlet.  The Tigers follow the theme of the region with a solid senior core, and their power running game could overpower the Warriors late in Decatur.  Projected Result:  Meigs County 27, Bledsoe County 24

POSTSEASON:  2nd Round or Bust


when it’s all said and done the Warriors should be alive for another week or two.  Region 3-2A is only getting stronger, so if a top team slips up, it’s not out of the question for Bledsoe County to go on a deep postseason run.  They will have to fight for a home playoff game and may get trumped by 3-2A in the second round, but the boys from Pikeville are set to extend their season in 2016.

FINAL TALLY:  6-6 (4-3, R3-2A), First Round Win, Second Round Loss

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