As gametime becomes more imminent, we release our Preseason All-Valley teams for the 2016 season.  Our goal was to pick out the best players in the Valley while maintaining a fair proportion of athletes from all schools.

Most players are listed under their positions while others are listed in hybrid or role-based positions.  We released a 1st and 2nd team.  Players can be listed on a team in as many positions as they play, which is no more than two for the most part.  Also, this list was constructed after our TSSN Preseason Tour, so take it lightly as no team has taken the field yet.



Pocket Passing Quarterback:  Chaise Sorrows (Bledsoe County)

Mobile Quarterback:  Dawson Holloway (Whitwell)

Halfback:  Hunter Zeman (Marion County)

Halfback:  Joseph Lilly (South Pittsburg)

Fullback:  Hunter McClain (Marion County)

Offensive Line:  Logan Campbell (Marion County)

Offensive Line:  Drew Daniels (South Pittsburg)

Offensive Line:  Ty Heifner (Marion County)

Offensive Line:  Dewayne Grooms (Grundy County)

Offensive Line:  Harley Smith (Bledsoe County)

Wide Receiver:  Cade Kennemore (South Pittsburg)

Wide Receiver:  Kane Hale (Marion County)

Tight End:  Kevin Whitson (Bledsoe County)

 Tight End:  Garrett Shrum (Whitwell)


Linebacker:  Hunter Davenport (Sequatchie County)

Linebacker:  Alex Kirkendoll (Marion County)

Linebacker:  Kyle Cates (Sequatchie County)

Defensive Back:  Jacob Saylors (Marion County)

Defensive Back:  Cade Kennemore (South Pittsburg)

Defensive Back:  Joseph Lilly (South Pittsburg)

Defensive Back:  Adam Pickett (Sequatchie County)

Defensive Line:  Corey Tucker (Marion County)

Defensive Line:  T.D. Argo (Whitwell)

Defensive Line:  Grayson Lawson (Grundy County)

Defensive End:  Mitch Butner (South Pittsburg)


Kicker:  Gabe Boring (Bledsoe County)

Punter:  Gabe Boring (Bledsoe County)

Return Specialist:  Hunter Zeman (Marion County)



Pocket Passing Quarterback:  Hogan Holland (South Pittsburg)

Mobile Quarterback:  Hunter Zeman (Marion County)

Halfback:  Joseph Gore (Bledsoe County)

Halfback:  Austin Stevens (Sequatchie County)

Fullback:  Hunter Davenport (Sequatchie County)

Offensive Line:  Eli Morrison (Marion County)

Offensive Line:  Gabe Jackson (Sequatchie County)

Offensive Line:  Noah Smith (Sequatchie County)

Offensive Line:  Kyle Antal (Whitwell)

Offensive Line:  Ishmael Avila (Marion County)

Wide Receiver:  Kyree Pryor (South Pittsburg)

Wide Receiver:  Matt Burrows (Grundy County)


Linebacker:  Derrick Pursley (Bledsoe County)

Linebacker:  Hunter McClain (Marion County)

Linebacker:  Kevin Whitson (Bledsoe County)

Defensive Back:   Trace Condra (Whitwell)

Defensive Back:  Kane Hale (Marion County)

Defensive Back:  Hudson Petty (Whitwell)

Defensive Line:  John Higgins (Sequatchie County)

Defensive Line:  Ishmael Avila (Marion County)

Defensive End:  Garrett Shrum (Whitwell)


Kicker:  Austin Nunley (Whitwell)

Punter:  Austin Nunley (Whitwell)

Return Specialist:  Joseph Lilly (South Pittsburg)

Contact Chandler Morrison at and follow him on Twitter@RCS_Chandler!


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